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DesignSprint in action

LifeTales is a social networking application for your close friends and family. In this case study I will explore ways to answer LifeTale's question "how to inspire users to create and share stories".

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Ethical Shopper

a responsive e-commerce site

If you have tried to be conscious about what you buy you know the struggles: reading the material list, the manufacturing process trying to determine if it fits your ethical criteria. Ethical Shopper strives to make shopping ethically much more convenient.

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a mobile app design

Isn’t it frustrating when the weather is unpredictable, leaving us either too warm, too cold or simply unprepared? Styaile is an app that provides outfit recommendations based on the weather, activity, and the pieces in the user’s wardrobe.

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Product Showcase

a responsive landing page for a mobile app

A minimalist, responsive landing page that shows the potential user what Styaile is about, with the goal of encouraging download.

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