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Hi there, thanks for taking the time to check this out. My name is Tina Liu and I am a UI/UX designer based in Toronto, Canada. You probably noticed the two Chinese characters in my logo, that’s my Chinese name 西鸿, which can be interpreted as “a goose flying to the west”, thus the goose logo haha.

I consider myself very lucky to be a UI/UX designer, because to me, design was love at first sight. I love all of it, the problem solving, the divergent thinking, the elegance, and even the procrastination! Honestly though, procrastination helps with originality. Nowadays, whenever I pick up a new problem, I always walk away from it and do something else, let the subconscious do its work, you will be surprised, try it!

My path to design is somewhat straight-forward. I did my undergrad in Industrial Engineering at University of Toronto, while being exposed to a wide spectrum of engineering problems and having the engineering thinking deeply ingrained in me, I was also introduced to the fantastical world of UX design. After graduating I worked at a fintech company as their first UI/UX designer where I helped to completely redesigned the entire product suite with the my product manager and the fellow team members in the span of 3 years. Within 2 months of working there, our clients were ecstatic with the jump in quality and the improvement in user experience of the product. I spent the rest of my time there bringing the same level of intuitiveness and elegance to the rest of the product suite. In the process I worked in an agile environment, and collaborated closely with a group of talented developers, together we pushed out 4 major releases to numerous enterprise clients.

To further my design skills I enrolled in an intensive UX program at Bloc. Here I had a systematic run-down of every step in the UX process, filled in the gaps I had, and immersed myself in design feedback cycles from peers and my mentor Mike Dekker who has over 11 years of digital design experience.

In my spare time I like to learn to make new dishes, dream of new ways to furnish my studio apartment, play with my cat and listen to audio books while I konmari some more.

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